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In today's age, Shakespeare's famous quote can be aptly tweaked as "Some are born great, some achieve greatness and the rest hire PR consultants". Unicomm caters to this ' rest ' that in reality consist a major chunk of the industry. Established in 2011 with a single-minded focus to catapult the image of its clients using multi-thong online tools, Unicomm has efficiently proved its worth within just two years of functioning.

We believe in a thorough recruitment process that allows us to churn out some of the best professionals in the business. They comprise of diverse backgrounds bringing on board years of quality experience. Needless to say, our team can easily sense the potential underlying the growth of the clients and accordingly utilizing these strategies to unleash their growth to greater heights.

Talking about tools and strategies, we are well tuned to effortlessly carry out website fashioning, SEO, SMO, ORM, SEM, Pay Per Click as well as a proven record of delivering results on Google, Yahoo and MSN, Social Media, Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing.

We have a very clear cut approach to reach optimum results and achieve a lasting impression on the client's mind. We lay strong emphasis on the importance of creativity that reflects in our work. The mundane activity of conveying the client's message is done with a judicious mix of comprehensive content and aesthetic brilliance. Once the creative blueprint has been set up, we work towards transforming the client's original standing in the industry to new echelons. This is done by our team by working on the right kind of medium depending on client's needs. We are also flexible enough to customize our approaches according to the specific needs of our clients.

The last stage of the process is that of effectively optimizing on the available tools decided after consultation with the client. Our team will integrate them in the most result oriented manner so as to create a unique identity of the client and maximize their outreach and visibility on the Internet.

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